Taiwan Studies Centre

The idea of establishing the Centre has originated as a result of increasing interest in Asian culture, history, politics and economics in the Institute of Middle and Far Eastern Studies of the Jagiellonian University. The interest in undertaking studies on East Asia at the Jagiellonian University has been steadily increasing in the recent years, as has the interest of Polish researchers to enter into various alliances not only to fulfil growing educational expectations of students but conduct research as well.

The main foreseen deliverables and statutory goals of the Centre are the following:

  • to facilitate academic teaching, research and exchange between the two countries;
  • to increase the awareness of Taiwan, its cultural and historical heritage;
  • to develop better understanding of Asia in Polish academia.

The Centre aims not only provide information about Taiwan but more importantly to promote academic research and exchanges in the ever increasing globalised academia. The Centre would offer opportunities for teaching visits and exchanges between Polish and Taiwanese academics, with the potential for creating a transnational centre for studies into Taiwan. The Centre will foster academic discussions on significant topics for political culture in Asia through courses, seminars, conferences and academic publications.

Website: www.taiwan.orient.uj.edu.pl