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KOREAN STUDIES (M.A., Double Degree Programme)

KOREAN STUDIES (M.A., Double Degree Programme)

Field of study: Korean Studies

Programme type: graduate (second-cycle)

Programme mode: full-time

Language of instruction: English

Title: Master (Double Gegree)

Number of semestres/years: 4/2

Tuition fee: 1800 EUR per one academic year

Keimyung University, South Korea

The curriculum includes courses specific for Korean Studies. Specialised courses are in the curriculum from the very first semester. Students are introduced to the specificity of Korean Peninsula in historical, philosophical, religious aspects, as well as to political and economic processes of the region. Learning the Korean language is a crucial part of the education process.

The first year of studies takes place at the Jagiellonian University, and the second – at the Keimyung University in South Korea. In the second year, students are required to complete the master’s thesis.

Graduates shall be awarded two diplomas: “MA in Korean Studies” at the Keimyung University, and “magister in the field of Asian Studies, specialization: Korean Studies” at the Jagiellonian University.

Korean Studies: Graduate’s profile

Graduates have knowledge about history, culture, politics and economy of Korea. They know the Korean language on the level facilitating communication as well as the use of media materials and primary sources. 

Our graduates can work in national and international corporations and institutions, including those primarily involved in working with Korea. They also have the ability to work in the cultural divisions of public administration, cultural institutions, publishing houses, media, etc. 

After graduation, PhD programmes in Social Sciences and Humanities are available.

Korean Studies: Important links

Registration for the candidates

Korean Studies: Programme’s Curriculum