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Adiunkt z dr hab.

dr hab. Łukasz Fyderek

dr hab. Łukasz Fyderek

dyżur dla studentów
poniedziałek 15.00-16.00

czwartek 14.00-15.00  - pokój - 0.07



Notka biograficzna:

Political scientist, international affairs analyst specializing in Middle Eastern issues. Director of the Institute of the Middle East and Far East at Jagiellonian University.

His research has been focused on authoritarian states and those undergoing systemic transformation. His research interests include foreign policies of West Asian states, state reconstruction and strategic problems. In his research work he tries to combine theoretical reflection with empirical experience. He has been to countries in the Middle East and North Africa many times traveling and conducting participatory observation. He has conducted field research in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq, among others.

He has participated in numerous research projects. He was head of the research project "Authoritarian Political Systems in the Middle East. Continuity and Change after the Third Wave of Democratization" carried out by a grant from the National Science Center. He was a Visiting Scholar at the American University of Beirut in the 2011/2012 academic year and an Associate Professor at University Utara Malaysia from 2014-2015. From 2016 to 2022, he co-founded and co-managed an academic business consulting firm. 

He has delivered guest lectures at universities in the Netherlands, Algeria, the US and Iraq. He is the author of a monograph on the Syrian political system titled „Pretorianie i technokraci w reżimie politycznym Syrii" ("Praetorians and Technocrats in the Syrian Political Regime”),  a monograph "Autorytarne systemy polityczne Świata Arabskiego" ("Authoritarian Political Systems of the Arab World”), co-author of a textbook titled „Wprowadzenie do problematyki pomocy rozwojowej" ("Introduction to the Problems of Development Assistance,") the monograph „Siły zbrojne państw Afryki Północnej” ("The Armed Forces of the North African States,") and editor of the collective work titled "Socialization, Participation and Revolution in the Middle East." 

In addition to his academic work, he carries out projects in the field of popularization of knowledge, and comments on international events for Polish and foreign media. In his spare time, he is a traveller, photographer and glider pilot.